What Is Your Signature Style?

Knowing how to define your personal style makes every aspect of it easier. From selecting the right pieces when you’re out shopping over matching themseemingly together to create bold and beautiful outfits.
It's a direction to go in a world full of possibilities.
At the EMMA Personal Styling agency we always start a session by determining someone’s fashion persona. An unique style DNA that translates someone’s personality. Values & key facts on style, figure & colour are written down to focus our minds before we go shopping.
After more than 10 years of styling hundreds of women I’ve found that everyone belongs to a mix of the style types listed below

Your style should be a mix of 2-3 types (I'd suggest max. 5!) emphasizing one or another depending on how you feel that day and the occasion of course.
Tell me in the comments in which style types you recognize yourself the most!


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"A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: so I wear jeans"